Dark Knight


The Dark Knight class uses a two-handed Kriegsmesser as their primary weapon and a Ornamental Knot as their secondary weapon (same offhand as Berserker). At level 56, the Dark Knight unlocks their awakening weapon. The Dark Knight class uses melee range to slash at their enemies as well as dark magical mid-ranged spells. She is often compared to the Sorceress class because of her dark magic and playstyle. They have quite a lot of mobility and powerful engages, as well as high attack damage once awakened. But they do have low defenses and can be somewhat of a glass cannon. Most of their skills do tend to feel quite slow as well and you should max your attack speed as soon as possible.

This class is average in 1v1 situations because of their low defenses and if caught with CC they will probably die. However, the Dark Knight is strong in 5v5s and large scale PvP due to their AoE and high burst and are considered “OP” due to this. It is a strong class to play but some players also find the animations too slow and can find her play style boring. It’s really down to the person and you find that you either love the class or hate it.