The Musa (Blader) class is a traditional samurai with a female counterpart named “Maehwa”. There are a couple skill differences to the Musa class, which change the play style completely. They wear light armor and use a sword as their primary weapon with a horn bow as their secondary weapon. Musa uses Stamina and WP. Mana pots will not regenerate your WP, but Herbal Juice will.

The Musa class is a fast paced, dynamic, and fun class to play. Musa has more AoE skills with a lot more mobility and utility. Due to this they thrive in PvE. They are also quite strong in small scale PvP but their low defenses make them a little harder to master in large scale PvP. They rely heavily on their mobility and utility to survive a larger battle. New players must really keep in mind that there is quite a learning curve with any low defense class. However, just like any other class, they are very rewarding when you master them.