Like the Striker, the Mystic is a class that has many powerful combos. The skills will smoothly connect by simply pressing a few keyboard and mouse buttons or holding down the mouse.

The Mystic’s primary combo is the Thunder Pound combo. Using Thunder Pound with Shift + RB and holding LB after will activate a powerful combo.

Forward Guard, massive DPS, and short cooldowns all add up to make the Thunder Pound combo especially powerful. Another great combo skill is Elbow Edge, and Soul Basher is a good skill to end a combo with Down Attack.

The Mystic can also pull monsters with Crouching Wolf and deal additional damage after acquiring Flow: Prey Hunt. Roaring Tiger is a great skill for HP management. Twisted Collision does not have particularly high DPS due to its long animation delay, but the following combo skills can inflict some useful debuffs on enemies.


Recommended Skill Build and Skill Add-ons for Mystic

Mystic Pre-Awakening Combo Guide