How to Get the Asula Set

  • Grandus in Calpheon City (Armor Vendor) is now selling Root Treant Accessory Set.

  • The following accessories can be purchased at the armor vendor NPC Grandus in Calpheon City.

  • Wear any 3 or more of Root Treant’s Accessory or Treant Spirit’s Accessory to activate the set effect Damage Reduction +3. In the case of wearing 5 of the accessories will activate the set effect +100LT.

Item Name

Item Stat

Item Effect

Root Treant’s Stem Ring

AP +2

All Accuracy +16

Root Treant’s Petal Belt

AP +3

Weight Limit +80LT

Root Treant’s Leaf Necklace

AP +2

All Accuracy +16

Root Treant’s Petal Necklace

AP +4

All Accuracy +24

  • A new gear series, Ultimate Dobart Armor, has been added.

    • Ultimate Dobart Armor can be purchased from Grandus in Calpheon City.

    • Ultimate Dobart Armor has high base DP, but it can only be enhanced up to +5.

Item Name

Item Stat

Item Effect

Ultimate Dobart Helmet

DP +15

Increases All Damage Reduction

Ultimate Dobart Armor

DP +20

Increases All Damage Reduction

Ultimate Dobart Gloves

DP +14

Increases All Damage Reduction

Ultimate Dobart Shoes

DP +16

Increases All Damage Reduction

  • Patrigio will no longer sell Black Stone (Weapon) x1 and Black Stone (Armor) x1 from his Secret Shop.

  • Six new gathering tools have been added to shops.

    • Improved Lumbering Axe, Improved Fluid Collector, Improved Butcher Knife, Improved Pickaxe, Improved Hoe, Improved Tanning Knife

    • Improved tools have lower durability, but they give a boost to your gathering speed.

  • A new gear series, Loure’s Lost Gears, has been added.

    • The following gears can be obtained by slaying monsters in Calpheon. It is bound to Family, and it cannot be enhanced.

    • Equip 2 Loure’s Lost gears to increase your Movement Speed by 1.

    • Equip 4 to increase your Attack/Casting speed by 1 and Max MP/WP/SP by 30.

Item Name

Item Stat


Loure’s Lost Helmet

DP +33

Mansha Forest

Loure’s Lost Shoes

DP +23

Rhutum Outstation

Loure’s Lost Gloves

DP +23

Lake Kaia

Loure’s Lost Armor

DP +36

Treant Forest

  • Equipping [Savage] Matchlock and [Savage] Enhanced Matchlock and then wearing a sub-weapon outfit will hide the sub-weapon outfit.

  • Ultimate Delphad Castillion’s Carnage Weapons have been added.

    • They can be obtained by heating Delphad Castillion Carnage Weapons obtained through Black Spirit quests and Targak Steel Shard.

    • Ultimate Delphad Castillion Carnage Weapons cannot be enhanced, and it can hold two crystals.

    • Item Stat: AP +52 -60

    • Item Effect: Attack Speed/Casting Speed/Critical Hit Rate +1